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The Giving Pledge
TypeCharitable organization
Bill Gates
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The Giving Pledge is a charitable campaign, founded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, to encourage wealthy people to contribute a majority of their wealth to philanthropic causes. As of June 2022, the pledge has had 236 signatories from 28 countries.[1] Most of the signatories of the pledge are billionaires, and as of 2016, their pledges are estimated at a total of US$600 billion.[2][needs update]


The organization's stated goal is to inspire the wealthy people of the world to give at least half of their net worth to philanthropy, either during their lifetime or upon their death. The pledge is a public gesture of an intention to give, not a legal contract.[3] On The Giving Pledge's website, each individual or couple writes a letter explaining why they chose to give.[4]


In June 2010, the Giving Pledge campaign was formally announced and Bill Gates and Warren Buffett began recruiting members.[5] As of August 2010, the aggregate wealth of the first 40 pledgers was $125 billion.[6] As of April 2011, 69 billionaires had joined the campaign and given a pledge,[7] and by the following year, The Huffington Post reported that a total of 81 billionaires had pledged.[8] By May 2017, 158 individuals and/or couples were listed as pledgers.[4][9][needs update] Not all pledgers are billionaires.

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried was removed from the list in December 2022 following his arrest.[10]

Banker T. Denny Sanford had his name removed from the list in May 2023 following the unsealing of court documents about his possible involvement with child pornography.[11]

List of notable pledgers

Net worth is as of 2022 for notable signers. A full list of pledgers is available online.[12]

NameNet worth in billion $USSource of wealthIndustryYear of pledgeYear of death
Elon Musk251.1[13]Tesla, SpaceXCleantech, Rocketry2012
Warren Buffett110[14]Berkshire HathawayFinance & Investments2010
Bill Gates102.4MicrosoftManufacturing, licensing2010
Larry Ellison66.8OracleTech2010
MacKenzie Scott55AmazonTech2019
Mark Zuckerberg42.5[15]Meta PlatformsTech2010
Azim Premji32.8WiproTech2013
Vladimir Potanin31.4[16]interrosInvestment2013
Jim Simons25.2Renaissance TechnologiesFinance & Investments2010
Dustin Moskovitz24.04FacebookTech2010
Carl Icahn22Icahn EnterprisesFinance & Investments2010
Pierre Omidyar21.8eBayTech2010
Andrew Forrest20.8 (2023)[17]Fortescue Metals GroupMining2013[18]
John Doerr12.7[citation needed]Kleiner PerkinsFinance & Investments2010
Patrick Soon-Shiong11.5Abraxane, investmentsHealthcare2010
Melinda French Gates11.4MicrosoftTech2010
Jack Dangermond9.2ESRIGeoinformatics, Environment2016
George Lucas8.59LucasfilmMedia2010
George Kaiser7.6Kaiser-Francis Oil CompanyEnergy2010
Judith Faulkner7.5[19]Epic SystemsTech2015[20]
Henry Samueli6.7Broadcom CorporationTech2011
Jeffrey Skoll6.1eBayTech2010
Mitchell and Emily Wei Rales5.4Danaher CorporationBusiness2019
Bernard Marcus4.5[21] to 6.1[22] (2019)The Home DepotRetail2010
Barron Hilton4.5Hilton WorldwideServices20102019
David Green4.5Hobby LobbyRetail2010
Jeff Green4.4AdECNTech2021
Ronald Perelman4.3MacAndrews & ForbesFinance & Investments2010
David Rubenstein4.3The Carlyle GroupFinance & Investments2010
Walter Scott Jr.4.2Berkshire HathawayFinance & Investments2010
Julian Robertson4.1Tiger ManagementFinance & Investments2010
Anil Agrawal4Vedanta ResourcesMining2021
Thomas Secunda3.6[23]Bloomberg L.PTech2010
B. R. Shetty3.5NMC HealthHealthcare2018
David Rockefeller3.3Standard Oil, inheritanceEnergy20102017
Ken Langone3.3The Home DepotRetail2010
Bill Ackman2.8Pershing Square Capital ManagementFinance & Investments2012
Charles Zegar2.8[24]Bloomberg L.PTech2010
Peter G. Peterson2.8Blackstone GroupFinance & Investments20102018
Garrett Camp[25]2.7UberTech2017
Brian Armstrong2.6CoinbaseCryptocurrency2018
Ted Turner2.4[26]Cable News NetworkMedia2010
Herbert and Marion Sandler2.4Golden West Financial CorporationFinance & Investments2010
Gerry Lenfest2.4Lenfest CommunicationsMedia20102018
T. Denny Sanford2.2First PREMIER BankFinance & Investments2010
James E. Stowers2[27]Twentieth Century Mutual FundsFinance & Investments2010
Tom Steyer1.6Farallon CapitalFinance & Investments2010
George P. Mitchell1.6Mitchell Energy & Development CorpEnergy2010
Ted Forstmann1.6Forstmann Little & CompanyFinance & Investments2010
Jon Huntsman Sr.1.5Huntsman CorporationManufacturing2010
Mark Pincus1.4ZyngaTech2022
Sidney Kimmel1.4Jones Apparel GroupFashion & Cosmetics2010
Irwin M. Jacobs1.2QualcommTech2010
Bernard Osher1.1[28]Golden West Financial CorporationFinance & Investments2010
Duncan MacMillan1.1Bloomberg L.PTech2010
Lorry I. Lokey1Business WireMedia2010
Sanford I. Weill1[29] (2021)Shearson Loeb RhoadesFinance & Investments2010
John Morgridge1Cisco SystemsTech2010
Tom Monaghan1Domino's PizzaFood & Beverage2010
Lyda Hill1Hunt Oil Company, inheritanceEnergy2010
Anne Wojcicki0.823andMeGenealogy2022
Shelby White0.6[citation needed]Leon Levy, Odyssey PartnersFinance & Investments2010
T. Boone Pickens0.5Mesa Petroleum, BP Capital ManagementEnergy, Finance & Investments20102019

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