National Football League Most Valuable Player Award

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Peyton Manning was named AP NFL MVP five times, more than any other player in history.

The National Football League Most Valuable Player Award (NFL MVP) is an award given by various entities to the American football player who is considered the most valuable in the National Football League (NFL) during the regular season. Organizations which issue an NFL MVP award include the Associated Press (AP) and the Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA).[1] Since the 2011 season, the NFL has held the annual NFL Honors ceremony, which recognizes the winner of the Associated Press MVP award.[2]

The first award described as a most valuable player award was the Joe F. Carr Trophy, presented by the NFL from 1938 to 1946. Other organizations that previously issued an MVP include Sporting News and United Press International (UPI). The Newspaper Enterprise Association (NEA) awarded the Jim Thorpe Trophy.

List of winners

^Denotes year in which a player swept all given awards
YearAPPFWASporting NewsJim Thorpe TrophyJoe F. Carr TrophyUPI
1938Mel Hein
1939Parker Hall
1940Ace Parker
1941Don Hutson
1942Don Hutson (2)
1943Sid Luckman
1944Frank Sinkwich
1945Bob Waterfield
1946Bill Dudley
1948Pat Harder
1951Otto Graham
1953Otto Graham (2)
1954Lou GrozaJoe Perry
1955Otto GrahamHarlon HillOtto Graham (3)
1956Frank GiffordFrank GiffordFrank Gifford
1957Jim BrownJim BrownJohnny UnitasY. A. Tittle
1958Jim Brown (2)Jim Brown (2)Jim BrownJim Brown
1959Johnny UnitasJohnny UnitasCharlie ConerlyJohnny Unitas
1960Norm Van BrocklinNorm Van BrocklinNorm Van BrocklinNorm Van Brocklin
1961Paul HornungPaul HornungY. A. TittlePaul Hornung
1962Jim TaylorY. A. TittleJim TaylorY. A. Tittle (2)
1963Y. A. TittleY. A. Tittle (2)Y. A. Tittle (2)
Jim Brown (2)
Jim Brown (2)
1964Johnny Unitas (2)Johnny Unitas (2)Lenny MooreJohnny Unitas (2)
1965Jim Brown (3)Jim Brown (3)Jim Brown (3)Jim Brown (3)
1966Bart StarrBart StarrBart StarrBart StarrBart Starr
1967Johnny Unitas (3)Johnny Unitas (3)Johnny Unitas (2)Johnny Unitas (3)
1968Earl MorrallEarl MorrallEarl MorrallEarl Morrall
1969Roman GabrielRoman GabrielRoman GabrielRoman Gabriel
1970John BrodieJohn Brodie
1971Alan PageBob Griese
1972Larry BrownLarry Brown
1973O. J. SimpsonO. J. Simpson
1974Ken StablerKen Stabler
1975Fran TarkentonFran TarkentonFran Tarkenton
1976Bert JonesBert JonesBert Jones
1977Walter PaytonWalter PaytonWalter Payton
1978Terry BradshawEarl CampbellEarl Campbell
1979Earl CampbellEarl Campbell (2)Earl Campbell (2)
1980Brian SipeBrian SipeBrian SipeEarl Campbell (3)
1981Ken AndersonKen AndersonKen AndersonKen Anderson
1982Mark MoseleyDan FoutsMark MoseleyDan Fouts
1983Joe TheismannJoe TheismannEric DickersonJoe Theismann
1984Dan MarinoDan MarinoDan MarinoDan Marino
1985Marcus AllenMarcus AllenMarcus AllenWalter Payton (2)
1986Lawrence TaylorLawrence TaylorLawrence TaylorPhil Simms
1987John ElwayJerry RiceJerry RiceJerry Rice
1988Boomer EsiasonBoomer EsiasonBoomer EsiasonRoger Craig
1989Joe MontanaJoe MontanaJoe MontanaJoe Montana
1990Joe Montana (2)Randall CunninghamJerry Rice (2)Warren Moon
1991Thurman ThomasThurman ThomasThurman ThomasThurman Thomas
1992Steve YoungSteve YoungSteve YoungEmmitt Smith
1993Emmitt SmithEmmitt SmithEmmitt SmithEmmitt Smith (2)
1994Steve Young (2)Steve Young (2)Steve Young (2)Steve Young
1995Brett FavreBrett FavreBrett FavreBrett Favre
1996Brett Favre (2)Brett Favre (2)Brett Favre (2)Brett Favre (2)
1997Brett Favre (3)
Barry Sanders
Barry SandersBarry SandersBarry Sanders
1998Terrell DavisTerrell DavisTerrell DavisRandall Cunningham
1999Kurt WarnerKurt WarnerKurt WarnerKurt Warner
2000Marshall FaulkMarshall FaulkMarshall FaulkMarshall Faulk
2001Kurt Warner (2)Marshall Faulk (2)Marshall Faulk (2)Kurt Warner (2)
2002Rich GannonRich GannonRich GannonRich Gannon
2003Peyton Manning
Steve McNair
Jamal LewisPeyton ManningPeyton Manning
2004Peyton Manning (2)Peyton ManningPeyton Manning (2)Peyton Manning (2)
2005Shaun AlexanderShaun AlexanderShaun AlexanderShaun Alexander
2006LaDainian TomlinsonLaDainian TomlinsonLaDainian TomlinsonLaDainian Tomlinson
2007Tom BradyTom BradyTom BradyTom Brady
2008Peyton Manning (3)Peyton Manning (2)Kurt Warner (3)
2009Peyton Manning (4)Peyton Manning (3)
2010Tom Brady (2)Tom Brady (2)
2011Aaron RodgersAaron Rodgers
2012Adrian PetersonAdrian Peterson
2013Peyton Manning (5)Peyton Manning (4)
2014Aaron Rodgers (2)Aaron Rodgers (2)
2015Cam NewtonCam Newton
2016Matt RyanMatt Ryan
2017Tom Brady (3)Tom Brady (3)
2018Patrick MahomesPatrick Mahomes
2019Lamar JacksonLamar Jackson
2020Aaron Rodgers (3)Aaron Rodgers (3)
2021Aaron Rodgers (4)Aaron Rodgers (4)
2022Patrick Mahomes (2)Patrick Mahomes (2)
YearAPPFWASporting NewsJim Thorpe TrophyJoe F. Carr TrophyUPI

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